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Ed Esber ...

  • Wrote a “marketing simulation” program, IMPS (Industrial Marketing Plan Simulation” while at college student that was used at several universities to teach marketing.

  • Programmed one of the first PDP-11 computer controlled industrial robots while at college in 1973.

  • Designed a floating point processor for an IBM UC.5 microcomputer.

  • Convinced IBM management at a CMC meeting in 1975 to take microcomputer from Intel and Motorola seriously.

  • Designed and taught IBM engineers how to design products with Intel and Motorola microprocessors.

  • Did an analysis and report on the utilization of home computers for home energy consumption management for IBM while at Harvard Business School.

  • Worked on Texas Instruments’ family of personal computers.

  • Created the marketing channels for personal computer software while launching VisiCalc for VisiCorp in 1979

  • Launched the first Office family of Personal Computer software, VisiPak at VisiCorp.

  • Launched the first GUI for IBM personal computers, VisiON, while at VisiCorp.

  • Took Ashton Tate from $40M to over $300M and to be one of the three Oligopoly microcomputer software companies of the 1980’s.

  • Made dBase the corporate personal computer database application standard of the 1980’s.

  • Introduced the acclaimed Framework integrated product, written by Robert Carr at Ashton Tate.

  • Introduced the highly rated MacIntosh word processor and spreadsheet, Full Write Professional and Full Impact.

  • Introduced SQL server with Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

  • Participated in the building of the first 1 lb., 100 hour, DOS personal computer at Poqet Computer as a board member.

  • Ran the worlds leading Multimedia/Soundcard company, Creative Labs.

  • Successfully defeated MediaVision’s assault on Creative Labs market share.

  • Started a company, Creative Insights to make the first company toys (play peripherals) that were to be marketed by Hasbro and Compaq.

  • Created the first Follow-me Phoning products at SoloPoint.

  • Ran the company, that gave the world, anywhere, email for $9.95 per month.

  • Helped create the first 12-inch, Tablet PC at Motion Computing as a founding board member.

  • Was a founding member of The Angels Forum.

  • Was a managing member of Halo Fund I and II at The Angel’s Forum

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